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About us

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About us

R-weld Ltd was founded in November 2017 in Colchester (Essex), but our work and experience with welding and fabrication started at the beginning of 2000. We specialise in construction welding using methods MAG and TIG. We do specialise in welding – we do welding and fabrication using customer’s documents of project, and also our own projects, we are pipe welding specialists and any construction welding.

We offer welding and fabrication on site. We have all equipment needed and we are ready to do any welding and fabrication anywhere. We are happy to do one-off projects but we are also experienced in series production. Also, we think widely about working with steel/metal, we can make literally everything that our customers can imagine if it’s made of steel/metal, for example – staircases, balcony, bars, gates, fences.

Our clients call us pipe line specialists because that’s high quality and precision. The team ofour specialists and experienced welders take very good care to make sure that every order is completed in a professional way and that the final product is of a very high quality. Our mission is to provide the best quality products always on time and every project is treate`d individually, it fits our client’s needs and their expectations.

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What makes us different


Our team – they are high qualified people who make sure that our customers get the final product which is exactly what they wanted. Quality control at all the stages of the project and constant contact with the customer gives us smooth realisation every time. The experience of our team guarantee the final product will be delivered on time to the customer.


What decides high quality? A lot of factors do. It’s not only the quality of material, also the project and of course welding and fabrication. That is always done on the high standards. We always take care on every detail.


Prices – we are looking at many factors here too. It is always adjusted to every customes’s needs. We are working with certified suppliers and we are able to give the most competitive prices in our area. Get in touch now for your free quotation!

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